miércoles, 9 de enero de 2013

Dear mistake

I just can't believe that I'm the only one who has not forget the things which keeps inside. I just don't think that, I look at you and I know, I die everytime to hear you say the truth, the simple truth.
Cause baby, if you want I can ignore the whole real world and pretend that you are just what you seem, but you know that I know in too deep, we aren't fine, maybe the destiny can reveal who have the blame.
And during all this time, I couldn't think. I was quite busy crying for the sad distance, so I am the same girl you wanted adore. Yes, the same you want to scare when nobody saw. Why you look me now? What it's change? What was wrong?
Listen my laugh, go away, don't look back. I'll promise forget, you just were my big mess. My dear mess, my mad mess. And please, miss me if you dare.
Bitter kisses for your bitter lips, I hope you can feel some pain in your iron heart, the half you brought me to life.
Bye bye, little boy. And remember, I loved you more, more than I should never love anyone. Take your trace, your wounds, your letters, your strange love, and do some good for someone who just wanted make you better. Blame for caring about you. It doesn't matter, listen, please: I'll be happy just for me.